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Warm up

Introduction to warm up Activate your body and the nervous system Get to know your imbalances Loosen up tensions in your body Become more receptive of your horse’s signals Achieve more harmonious riding Get your horse’s attention This module is about warm up of the rider. By warming yourself up before getting in the saddle …

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Head and neck

Introduction to head and neck! Train towards flexibility frem feet too reins Posture-correcting exercises Achieve a relaxed neck Prevent headaches and migraine Get mild and relaxed eyes Train your neck towards more stability In this module you will learn great exercises for the upper body. To achieve the good rein contact it is important not …

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Chest, shoulders, arms

Introduction to chest, shoulders and arms Release tension in the chest area Get your shoulders pulled back into place again Train yourself to a better position Pay attention to imbalances in the body Achieve a relaxed body Many riders become tight in their muscles and fascia in the chest area. These tensions will pull the …

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Pelvis, hip, seat

Introduction to pelvic, hip and seat Pelvic and hip mobilizing exercises Train towards the free and independent seat Refine your technique and signal in the seat This module contains great exercises for the pelvic, hip and seat. Learn to refine your technique i your seat in order to give more precise signals. Train towards a …

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Legs, knees, feet

Introduction to legs, knees and feet Learn to be flexible throughout your body from the stirrups out to the reins Learn easy exercise you can do everywhere Understand the principles of flexibility and grounding Get exercises to loosen your fascia in order to become more flexible through your spine This module is about legs, knees …

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The 5 Tibetans

Introduction to the 5 tibetans Train your neutral positioning Loosening, stabilizing and strengthening exercises Effective exercises that will work for all types of riders In this module you will learn about the 5 Tibetans. These are old exercises known throughout thousands of years. They are effective and are composed of different yoga exercises. They will stabilize, …

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Stability and balance

Introduction to stability and balance Train your coordination, stability and balance Rebuild the balance between the left and right side of the brain Achieve an equal weight distribution Train towards better coordination of your aids to both sides This module is about training your stability and balance. This is important for riders at all levels …

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Breathing and relaxation

Introduction to breathing and relaxation Train yourself to a less stressful day Learn how to use relaxation as a tool Achieve a better communication with your horse Use relaxation as a reward during riding Achieve more presence with your horse This module is about breathing and relaxation. Relaxation is a key tool to master. By …

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